How to Log in or register to join our Community

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When you first arrive at the Community Forum you will see the Home page. To log in/register you will need to click on the appropriate button found at the top right of the page.

For sign in, follow the prompts, enter your username or email address, followed by your password.

There is an option to 'keep me signed in' which is very useful. Again follow the links if you have forgotten your password.


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    YvonneH Administrator Posts: 1,047
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    To Register your will need to click on the register button on the top right. You will then get this screen

    • Please don't use your real name as your username.

    It's good to keep your account anonymous.

    • Please Confirm your email address

    After you click register you will get an email asking you to confirm you have registered using that email account. When you click confirm within the email, you are taken to the community forum site.

    You are now formally an Applicant member and will only become a full Member once you have made your first post in the Online Community.

    • Your First Post

    You can now make your first post, either as a Comment reply to someone else or by starting a New Discussion. Your first post will not appear on the live site, instead they will go into Moderation for checking.

    Once your post has been read and approved you will get another email telling you that you have been approved as a Member which means you can post immediately to the site in the future.

    Posts in the Say Hello category should be brief. If you want to post about your condition or it's effects on you, do visit the Living With Arthritis category and start a new discussion there. Otherwise do look around and comment on any posts where you feel comfortable and start new discussions in any of the different categories.

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