Shoes Orthopedic for Town hard surfaces walking eg Pavements

I have been using a Walking Boot North Face ex Charity shop used with wonderfull flexible comfy sole but Town has destroyed the sole as a grass hillwalking design shoe all i could afford at time on UC. I have a small UC money enhancement so need urgently a New Walk Boot or Trainer with an Orthopedic sole designed for Town surfaces. Price i am told starts at £100 ? my absolute max spend! Asis and Hoka brands have been mentioned as have Orthopedic shock absorbing sole. i have to try shoes on so online out. I live in Scottish Highlands so only one town accesible 40 miles away by Bus with 2 Walking shops each carries one of these 2 brands. I am cocerned about hardness and flexible ortopedic sole. any members advice - i have bad OA and now Rheumatoid likely but having a small dog i have to road walk in my Town twice a day eg 2 miles and Bus to town involves Town plus multi shop needs almost daily.Podiatrist gives no advice. Any brands any advice please?

Any advice any brands


  • MrDJ
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    Hi @GalaxyA12

    If you are under a Rhumatologist at your hospital they should be able to refer you to an orthotics department where they make or modify shoes. now as your out in the sticks of Scotland you may have to travel for this to a major hospital but its worth a shot.

    I had 2 different pairs made at the london foot hospital and to be honest they were kak and couldnt stand up or walk in them.

    Ended up finding a trainer that was comfortable(ish) but they only lasted 3-4 weeks then gave way. luckily the hospital i work at refered me to the orthotics dept and job done. ive been buying these trainers now from sports direct for the past 20 years and the hospital will modify and strengthen them with new soles and insoles that are molded to my foot shape so very comfortable.

    saying that due to covid sadly the orthotist had to shut up shop as his company went under. now my hospital sends my trainers to a company in manchester. trainers update are almost identical but the insoles are not usable. ive returned them once already and the second pair was rubish as well.

    Find a shoe / trainer that suits you and see if you can get reffered.

    mine are hi tech squash trainers that are roughly £35-40 (picture attached)

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    I’ve got some Brooks Addiction walking trainers. Wide fit and very comfortable. Can get them from Amazon. Also Merrell Moab speed which you can get in The high street in Millets. Wear insoles in both.

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    The best walking shoes I have are Brasher walking shoes. They have Vibram soles and I think you can get them for about £120. I had a podiatry appointment a couple of months ago and the podiatrist asked that I bring my shoes and said you could tell they were a good make as the insole was removeable. She gave me a set of insoles from Healthy Step - Xline which are great for walking in.

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    The last three years I have been using Pavers to buy walking shoes, they are leather and man made trainers, durable and a decent tread for outdoor use plus they are waterproof. The shoe is supportive with a cushioned sole. Cost is about £65 and if you order via the online page and collect from their stores they can be returned from there if they don’t fit. I order a size too big as my fused toe sticks up at an angle so I can roll forward. I get about 1 1/2 years use out of a pair, I only have one pair of shoes so they get a lot of use. The orthotics dept agreed with my choice and made my insoles to fit the shoes.

    Previously I brought walking boots from Mountain Warehouse but they changed their production methods (apparently common in the shoe industry?) on the ones I used (I had about six pairs before) and they quickly fell to bits after six months.

    I find if you change one thing between foot and back then it takes time for your feet, ankles, knees, hips and back to get used to new shoes and the way you walk in them. There isn’t a great deal of choice in the present market, be firm in your type and style of shoes you want.

    its a grin, honest!

  • GalaxyA12
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    Hi Airwave thanks really helpfull about Pavers shoes.

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