Anyone else feel like a hammer is repeatedly striking their shins hard - only in bed?

Hello all, I’m 58 and newly diagnosed with severe hip osteoarthritis and still getting my head around it..initially I was referred to a physiotherapist for pain in my right groin and burning and sudden pains into the right thigh and right shin and he suspected a spinal issue so ordered an MRI of my spine which showed bulging discs, stenosis and potential nerve impingement. Coincidentally I also had a hip MRI at the same time as I had also seen a rheumatologist that week about aching hands and he wanted to check my hip which showed up as severe OA. The aforementioned physio had (before ordering or even knowing the MRI results) gone on to shout at me to stop limping and “walk normally” as well as other personal derogatory remarks during the appointment and this resulted in a formal complaint, from which nothing really happened other than an apology from another manager for his “ poor choice of words” plus a promise that I won’t have to see him again. Anyways, I was given an appointment with an alternative colleague of his who accessed both MRIs and is insisting the shin pains are referred pain from the OA.

i’m trying to work out the cause of the shin pains . They are uunbearable and almost constant as though someone is hitting me with a hammer when I lie down in bed, as well as now worsening pain around the right knee too since a few days ago, worse when I lay down in bed, and much milder and less frequently when standing/sitting in the day. Not sure if they’re from the hip OA or the spine/ discs/nerve so I can prioritise the care of it. If it’s from the spine I’ll be leaning towards bed rest, but if it’s from the hip I need to keep moving and doing my hip physio exercises ( nothing too taxing but gentle consistent mobility stuff). I did spend more hours than normal,sitting up (I tried to maintain a correct posture with lower back support as much as I could )working in bed and even sitting in a chair at my desk for a few hours for the first time in a week. So I just need to figure out which one it’s likely to be that was perhaps triggered by sitting up so hopefully there’s somebody else in here who is or has experienced both these issues and can offer some kind of insight to help. Thanks x


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    I have shin pain also though not a severe as yours sounds. I was given an exercise that helps me a lot. I lay on my back and pull one leg to ward my chest with my hands holding behind the thigh. Then push against my hands for about 5 seconds, then hug the knee to the chest for about 30 seconds. I do 3 repeats on each side. When you limp it’s like stepping in a hole and throws your back out of balance and this exercise balances the back. I have pretty significant knee OA. Hope this helps.

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    Good Morning @MilkyTea welcome to the online community. I see you have had a tough time so far trying to get to the bottom of your various pains, but the shin pain is troubling you a lot.

    I see you have already had a reply from @shrimpete.

    I just did a quick search for you of threads mentioning shin pain. I think some of them might be worth a read:

    My best wishes


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    Hi @MilkyTea,

    I too suffer from shin pains in bed and I have osteoarthritis. As the Dr originally told me it was in my hips, and my knees hurt also, I wondered if it was now in my ankles. It helps to read others suffer in a similar way. Getting up and using heat from a hot water bottle is my only form of relief. Hope things get better for you as pain at night seems worse than in day.

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    Thankyou for sharing @shrimpete, Ellen and @Nellyida

    It is comforting to read similar comments to know I’m not alone . My physio actually called me today to reassure me and advised I do much less and rest more while persisting with the exercises she gave me.My toes on both feet now burn snd ache which she said could be from the spine but I’m having blood tests to rule out other things before she likely will conclude so and offer further relevant advice. I’m so used to being fit and active. It’s hard to believe my situation especially as it seemed to come on and deteriorate quite quickly. Oh well.

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    Hi I also have shin pain in bed and walking with a pin in the grun area then my right leg goes num it's getting me down now .

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    @treerick have you seen a physio or doctor for advice? it’s almost reassuring to be among this who suffer with the same issues.