Sclerosis of sacroiliac joints.

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Anyone know what this means?

Had my MRI results today. Apparently its worse on the right (no kidding, thats where it hurts a lot).

All Dr Google suggests is Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Does that mean Ive got RA, Fibro, Myasthenia Gravis, Bronchioectasis and now AS? When do I get to shout bingo?

Wish I could collect stamps instead of diagnoses.


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    Sclerosis describes changes to tissues resulting in stiffening, and AS can be a cause of this in the SI joint. Whether that means you have another label to add to your collection, or an extra sticker on an existing label will be a matter for the medics to sort out. Either way the label is probably of secondary importance to you since your focus will be trying to manage the problems it causes; I hope you have at least some success in that.
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    Jen, You shout as much as you want to!
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    As I understand it sclerosis of the sacroiliac joints doesn't necessarily mean AS. I think it just means they're 'gummed up' (as a physio once described my shoulders) and, as you've had RA for some time, I'd guess it's led to OA there. Best to ask a doc to be sure though.
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    I saw my consultant today. She has no clue either, helpfully. She said it maybe AS or RA or both.
    She's going to write to my other consultant to get their opinion.
    Meanwhile..... :roll:

    If it is AS then the drug treatment I'm on isn't suitable and I'll have to change. I've waited a year off meds for this drug and its actually helping a bit. But the year off has left more damage in my hands and in a few weeks I'm getting the end of my thumb fused. (The other one will be done asap and surgeon wants to shave the ends of my ulnae as the ligament has overstretched and is painful but we've decided to keep that for later).

    Next week I'm off to respiratory to get another diagnosis. :roll: