Confused after seeing GP

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Went to GP today. Some of you may know my story...cancer twice had lower back pain and hip, xray, showed wear and tear, waited for letter from oncol dept to arrive at doctors ref this and a stomach issue.
Doctor said err the good thing you don't have cancer back...well i knew that ,bloods OK great.
Asked questions about my exercise etc then this line was the best.
Because of all the exercise you have done throughout your life and your build is slight your bones have taken a pounding throughout the years. Nothing really to be done until you have hips replacement etc..... No point referring you as that point i switch off but because i did not have the right kind of arthur no point in sending me!!!! OK . :o:o:o Next quote was the hospitals are too quick to refer people and we can deal with it here... :!: :!: :!: Until we sort out your stomach issue we really cannot sort out any pain relieve as you have tried the normal route and they are not working anyone. Coedine will upset your stomach....I know that...
The hopsital wanted me to be referred for a ...not sure what it is called by i am assuming a camera job...but she thought that she was wrong and i am to try stomach tablets for a weeek to see how i go...Lansoprazole which i am sure i have had before but had problems with but was sooo stunned that i just agreed and walked out. This was not my normal doctor so not sure what to do now....any ideas wellcome :o:o:o


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    Can you book an appointment to see your regular doctor? To be honest if it were me that is what I would do.

    I hope something can be done for you though.

    Love Trish xxx
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    Lupin I'm not suprised you walked out after that, Trish is right can you go and see your own GP ?

    Jules x
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    Lordy, I'd have walked out, too - how can a doctor argue with the findings of a hospital consultant? Not only that, but override them?

    Complain to the practice and see your own GP as soon as possible.

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    Thanks for your replies
    I am now at the angry stage so i am going to write a load of questions out and go armed when i return. Hip pain is manageable at present hands, elbows and right foot now giving it HELLO. I am no where as bad as some of your poor people at present but would like to get everything sorted. Feel this is going to be a long slow road. :x :x :x I think what worries me is they say they can find no reason for the pain or have a well you are going to just have to get on with it. :shock: :shock: :shock: Still can not believe that i have spent my life being activity and making sure my kids were when they were young and this happens. Ironic really with what is in the press at present. Dammed if do or don't exercise can see the funny side of it just this morning. . :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: Would make a great article in the press!!!! May get back in contact with oncol or breast nurse to have a long chat to see were i can go next.

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