Step, shuffle, step, tap

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Once again the steroid injections have worked their magic on me :grin:
My toes no longer look like chipolatas!! I tapped danced on the ward yesterday, but no rapturous applause as I am not recognised for my dancing skills :eek: However we did celebrate with a hot chocolate fudge cake and.........extra thick double cream :shock:
I know these don't last forever and they do seem to be decreasing in time as to how long they last.......but boy this is good!!!
Every one is telling me to not go mad and do all those jobs that you just can't manage when ol' arther has got his grip on ya........but hey!!!
If my taste and smell were to return to normal I would know how a lottery winner felt!!!!!
Best wishes to you all.....
Jacqui x :P
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    HI Jacqui!

    That's great news, most certainly make the most of feeling better for the moment! I went a bit crazy over the festive period after my steroid jab FINALLY kicked in (took nearly a month) and went to all my parties and danced the night away... got through Christmas and then it wore off after 3 great weeks and the flu also struck me down big time, but I needed a rest anyway :wink: :roll: :lol:

    Have another big slice of cake and enjoy this while it lasts! Happy Saturday! 8) xx
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    Enjoy your holiday, Jacqmum.
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    Hi Jacqui :grin:

    That's great news that the steroid injections are helping... they can be so effective :!:

    I like your style... celebrating with the fudge cake AND cream! well done you... :lol:

    Hope you get a good 'spell' while arther's grip is diminished. Enjoy!

    Alarka... sorry you've been going through a bad time with the rotten flu :sad: . hope you're feeling better now?

    Iris xxx
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    Hi Jacqui
    great news
    I hope works for a good few months
    take care
    juliepf x
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    I`m pleased that your injection has given you a break from arthur. Long may it continue!!
  • ironic
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    Hi Jacqui,

    Brilliant news and I do hope it lasts a long time for you. It is great when you are not in pain as you can catch up with things. Enjoy your catch up time.

    Love the new dance steps!!! :wink:
    Lv, Ix
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    Wonderful news - long may it last and good new for all those waiting with trepidation for jabs too :grin:


    toni xx