UC UNICREDIT WCA WORK CAP **** . & lcw////lcwra .

AGE 59///// since may 2023 been off work . SICK CLAIM UC MAY 2023 with long term back / spine issue. CURRENT mobilise aided 20 meteres stand no more 1- 2 min . HAD WCA 25 aug out come 31 august . FAIL can do some work . MR gone in 1 sep 2023 fit note to 30th sep have to 4 oct to give eveidence to back up MR. WILL be sending in MRI SCAN report ////// SPINE CONSULTANTS REPORT Between NOW & 1ST OCTOBER . HAD chdc asseors report back 5th sep no POINTS on report just letters TA , some type code ????. ASSEOR says cant 1mobilise more 20 meteres aided . 2 CANT prepare cook food for myself / due lifting move sauce pans. 3 CANT climb stairs aid , unaided . 4 Dont do own shopping family freinds do it . Need help with dressing lwr body //// socks shoes . . YET despite scoring more 15 points all that lot . DWP days I DOnot hace LCW,,, but can do some work. WHAT joke whats going on ??????/ IF you cant mobilise more 20 meteres aided //// stand 1, 2 min you dont go far do lot outside the home . TO QUALIFY LCW ///// ATM MIN you have to mobilise to get 15 points is 50 meteres + point for other things . ANY one anythoughts ????? . HENCE MR//////// Tribunral & later date if needed.


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    Hello @ADRIAN and welcome to the Community and thank you for your kind words. The Community is a friendly and supportive group and I hope that will be your experience as well.

    May I ask if you had any support whilst trying to claim benefits ??

    I was in similar position earlier this year and was sign posted to my local Welfare Rights team.

    They were fantastic and supported me through everything!

    Maybe worth contacting local authority and see if they offer this support in your area.

    Also the following link maybe of interest

    Take care @Naomi33

    Need more help? - call our Helpline on 0800 5200 520 Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm

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    I lucky have my UNITE UNTION rep giving support . IN MR stage to 1st october get disstons after 4th october POINTS system thats confussing . Thanck you