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This is a safe space for you if you have or are close to someone with arthritis or a musculoskeletal condition. Say how you feel, chat to fellow members, share problems and also solutions :)

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    Click on New Post (+), think of a relevant title and write in the comment box what you want to say today. Ask for help, share your story or say why you have joined this community. We are here for you.
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  • Life With Arthritis
    Discussions on musculoskeletal conditions: symptoms, work, exercise, relationships, mental health, caring for a child with arthritis, treatments, adaptations and much more.
    3.6K discussions 18K comments Most recent: Can you use a exersoe bike with bone on bone knee oa by Blueskyday68 12:45PM
  • Chat to our Helpline Team
    Post your questions and receive a direct reply from our professional Helplines Team.
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    New to communities and forums? Read our ‘How To’ section to get posting as soon as possible.
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  • Chat and News
    Share your highs on our Triumphs discussion, chat in the café, talk about your hobbies, play a few games - it’s all here in the chat area. News gives you arthritis related news, what’s happening on the community and even a few tips!
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    Our archive is read only. If you find a topic you would like to talk about, please start a new discussion in our live discussion areas.
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