Guides & New Members Start Here

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An index of guides and "How to..." :

Start Here

  1. How to Join and Register - includes confirming your application and making a first post.
  2. The Home Page - the start page for the Online Community
  3. Recent Posts - finding the latest discussions in the different categories
  4. Your First Post
  5. How to Start a New Discussion
  6. How to Add A Comment to a Discussion
  7. Hints and Tips
  8. If you see a Post that Concerns you


Your Online Community Profile

1. The Notifications Area - Messages, Notifications and Favourites

2. Your Account Profile - includes Mark All Viewed, Viewing and Editing your Profile


The Happy Poster - how to add more to your posting

1. How to Add a Picture - or a video or attachment to your post

2. How to do an Advanced Community Search - narrowing down search results

3. How to Post A Comment Using A Quotation


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