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Hello all. Just joined this group as I have been diagnosed with ostearthritis of the hip. I'm ok in the daytime but finding it difficult to sleep at night because of the pain. Doctor has prescribed naproxen and given me some sleeping tablets. However, still wake up in the early hours. Hoping to get some hints and tips off this website.


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    Hi Cruisedolly,

    Just wanted to say Hello and welcome you to posting whilst I'm on line.

    Any questions, you ask away, there are many people on here with OA (although I'm a rheumatoid) we'll always try to help.

    Luv Legs :D
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    hi & welcome to the site.
    if you post on living with arthritis you'll get loads of people with oa respond,i too have osteo.
    have you tried having a hot bath at night,ive brought a memory foam topper that helps take the pressure of my joints at night.
    i take amptryline an hr before bed along with the rest of my painkillers.i do still wake on turning over but soon get back off.
    most of my joints r affected with oa,as i say post on living for advice,a moan or chit chat for a laugh.
    see u around debsx
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    wel;!come! i had osteo arthritis in my hip for many years and had my hip resurfaced a few years ago and that helped.
    i used to sleep with a pillow between my knees to help keep my hips in a more comfy position at night, it really helped.
    i now have rheumatoid arthritis but if i can be of any help please ask!
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    Hi cruisedolly

    Not much help i'm affraid just thought i would welcome you to the site