Water and MTX

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Hi all,

was just wondering if you know whether it is just as good to drink dilutable drinks when on mtx? I've been told to drink lots of water to flush the drugs through my kidneys, but i really hate drinking plain water. i do drink a lot of de-caf tea and, occassionally, fizzy water. Am i doing myself harm by not drinking loads of water?

Many Thanks


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    Thanks Scottishlass,
    for some reason plain water makes me feel nauseous for some reason. Hope you are well.x
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    Ihave just read the query regarding drinking loads of water and MTX

    I was instructed to drink plenty of plain water. Carbonated water in small amounts

    Apparently carbonated drinks/water is not good for the bone marrow and joints as it thins the density eventually. We were told this during one of our Help Yourself Seminars in Rheumatology Dept last year. Has anyone else heard of this.