Psoriatic arthritis

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I've just been diagnosed and thought I was handling it ok but I'm now starting to struggle. Had my first hospital appointment 3 weeks ago, steroid injection, meloxicam for 2 weeks and next appointment in 7 months time! Have had no relief, not getting much sleep as the pain is so bad so have managed to arrange an emergency appointment in two weeks time. Feeling pretty miserable at the mo and finding work very difficult. Any tips for pain relief and coping generally would be much appreciated. My dad is a great help as he has RA so understands but I feel that I'm making him worry about me when he should be taking care of himself!



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    Dear Shona,

    Thanks for your enquiry to us here at Helplines, apologies for not replying sooner, but we were having a wierd technical hitch. Because you've not said a lot about the nature of your flare up it's a bit difficult to suggest any diy soothing self-management to consider before you see the rheumaotologist.

    If particular joints are hot and inflamed then the advice is often to rest them and try using cool packs.

    When you see the rheumatologist you might want to discuss your blood results - if the inflammatory markers are high then what are the options concerning dmards (disease modifying drugs, like methotrexate).

    You may want to discuss with the specialist whether there are any lifestyle concerns which may be relevant.

    If you'd like some of our self-management information, just email your postal address to us and mention you were talking about your PA with us on chat to helplines.

    Hope we can help further