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Hi I havent been on for a while, I was gave wrist supports im on Methotextrate and had to quit taking it due to chest infections and bladder infections, however Im about to get bloods on Thursday before I can restart meds, But my wrist is really sore, the support the brownish one was doing great till it snapped at the thumb, Now I dont know where to get another, can anyone tell me,? Im pretty tired right now due to the RA I suffer from, Im only 38 diagnosed 2 years but only starting meds this year, I am also wondering does the Metho cause you not to have periods I have had 1 in 4 months, not preg had tubes tied but thinking its the Metho am I right.?
Also sorry one more question im on co-codamol, lyrica and tramadol but finding not alot helps at the minute, the painkillers arent helping much is they'r something else I should be taking.?
I m on 300mg of Lyrica, 2 co-codamol 8-500 or 30-500 in the morning when Im flaring and 2 50mg of tramadol most mornings.


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    Hi Zoe

    Sounds like its quite tough at the moment.

    Re your hand splints - do you remember where you got them in the first place? That would probably be the best place to get a replacement. Just explain that it broke etc. At least that will help with the wrist pain.

    Re periods - yoy may be aneamic, though missing periods, which is called Amenorrhea, can be a side effect of taking methotrexate. It may be a good idea to ask the question about aneamia when you have your bloods taken on Thursday.

    Re medication - unfortunately we can't advise you regarding medication, however did you know that recent test have shown fishoils to be extremely effective for RA inflammation. In the meantime it may be a good idea to contact your rheumatology nurse or your GP.

    If you would like to have a chat with us you know where we are.

    Take care

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    Thanks for your reply I got thhe splints from the home physcio team, (cant rember ht they called)they came once and gave them me, and as its my right wrist that is mainly sore that is the one that went first.

    Il ask the nursewhen I go in on thursday agin she might be able to help till them i have support bandage on it.

    Il also ask out aneamia as she said my bloods were ok last time, they are just stablising them from high liver count, is that normal with RA. :?: That came before I Was on the metho.
    I have highs and lows but I think thats normal, its alsomy dads anniversery 4 years gone today and it is bound to make me low I think. :cry:
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    Dear Zoe,

    I wonder whether you'd find coming on one of our self-management groups helpful? If you follow this link for your area you can see about what we are running in your part of the country http://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/InyourArea
    then look up training.

    If your liver count is high then understanding more about that really needs to be a conversation with your medical team. Sometimes it may mean that your medication needs to be changed (but in the meantime beware of drinking alcohol).

    It may be worth writing down some questions for the nurse, and you can consider taking someone with you, to write down the answers - to give your wrist a break.

    Best wishes

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    Thankyou, I had bloods done today, and ended up on antibiotics,as the gp said my chest sounded like a motor bike, iv got to call the occupational therapist tomorrow it was them gave me my first splints, tbh I did feel rubbish and tired and sore joints but just thought it was gonna be a flare up as thats how i feel, but no the chest has played up again, im feeling unwell tonight though im going to go to bed, i will look at the link you left me now, And I dont drink, so im unsure why my liver test was high, I am going to call the rhumey nurse in the morning to ask, so il just wait for my bloods to come back now, but the doctor said dont bank on them being any good.
    Thanks for such quick reply. :D