body piercing, any advice?

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hi, i'm asking on here because i thought some one might have some advice?!
i'm not that young, 35, i have quite a few piercings that i got done yrs ago before my RA came along! i recently got my lip done and it was healing fine until i started on methotrexate again, now it is swollen and i'm wondering if the mtx could be the problem?
i know it lowers your immune system so maybe thats it?
i have been told to try taking vitimins that boost your immune system, echinacea, zink and b6 but i'm paranoid that will muck up what the mtx is doing? after all mtx lowers your immnue system doesn't it?
any advice would be very much appreciated, please!!!
i don't want to take it out as it has taken me 5 yrs to actually get it done and i love it!


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    i had my last two piercings done whilst on MTX and have noticed my healing hasnt been as quick as before. Just soak your lip in just boiled water (make sure it isnt too hot) with some salt in it, this should help the healing and use ice for the swelling. May take a while but it will heal eventually!
    hope this helps
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    thank you so much gemma!
    my other piercing were never a problem but this one really is taking it's time, had it done 5 weeks ago tomorrow, it started to heal fine but it seemed like as soon as i restarted the mtx it got sore and swollen again, it's not fair!
    i'll keep doing the salt water soaking, i had stopped as it seemed to be getting worse, but i'll be more patient, thank you again, i really appreciate your advice.
    sue :D
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    not a piercing expert but how about arnica tablets for healing?
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    i'm pleased to say that the salt water seems to be helping, it's feeling better today.
    whats arnica?
    i've been taking multi vitamins and was told taking zinc, b6 and echinacea but i'm not sure as they are meant to help boost your immnue system but because of the way mtx works (lowering the immnue system) i wasn't sure if taking things to boost immune system would cause problems?! or am i getting that wrong?
    any way i'll keep using the sea salt water and hopefully it will continue healing.
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    Arnica is for bruising and shock. It can be bought in a gel or pill form.

    It is good the salt water seems to be helping.

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    Hi sue
    my OH has quite a few piercing and he always uses rock salt which works well (rock salt doesnt have chemicals in it like table salt) he had his eye brow pierced and it never settled, grew out he got it done twice more but same thing happend. he is now going to get dermal anchors in his eyebrow, have you seen these?
    do you have other piercing? he has lips 2, septum, ears 5 all stretched 1 off them 24mm, he had his nipples done but didnt like them much.
    i am a wimp so only have ears pierced.
    sorry ive gone on abit
    hope lip heals well now :D
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    i don't have many piercing any more, sadly, i miss them! but i have my tongue pierced, my ears 5 one ear and 3 other ear, my nose and now my lip. i'd like to get some redone but if they are going to be more differcult to heal now i'm on mtx then i guess it's not going to happen, another thing arthur has taken from me i guess.
    i'll see if i can get some arnica, my lips is slowly getting better, fingers crossed it hurries up!!
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    I had one of my "girl's" pierced about 9 years ago and I loved it (so did the hubby :oops: ) but I had to take it out as my "girl's" got massive during pregnancy. After the breastfeeding it just felt wierd putting it in. I remember having a bath with my niece and her asking what it was, this was at Grandma's house.

    She used to play with a little pirate's chest with treasure in it. A few nights later she pulls a big ring out and holds it up to her chest and says to my parents "look I've got a ring in my boobie just like Auntie Alex" :oops: I hadn't told my Dad as he is very old fashioned. I thought about my kid doing that and decided best leave it out. But it was fun for a while.
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    lol, when you said girls 1st i thought you meant down below! i to had mine done to but took them out due to size issues. i to miss them but my eldest child did mention them in public so i guess it's not a good idea after having children!!
    my lip is looking much better now, almost healed i think, so i'm happy, thank you for all your advice!