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has anyone tried any weight loss supplements HERBAL only!
was thinking of trying this just to help as ive platued (wrong spelling i know lol) ive been gym and cutting down on food just want something to help get rest off. im thinking herbal wont effect meds plus its diff thing entirely but i shall speak to chemist b4 buying.


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    Hi Kezzo,

    The basic thing about 'herbal' supplements is that if they have an effect then they must have something chemical going on. So it's important to find out from someone medically qualified what the known side-effects may be. Also some supplements may not be safe when you are on certain medicines. (This is especially true with anti-inflammatories and disease modifiers like mtx.) So natural things may not always be safe.

    take care
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    I had a few queries regarding some antioxidants I wanted to take including Adios (which is quite a strong duiretic) I was given the phone number at Kettering General Hospital my local hospital 01536 492587 to ring and they will look into any of these products. I wanted to know about Rose Hip, Glucosamine and Omega 3, Turmeric. and Black Cherry Drops. So far so good. It's best to check and perhaps you may have this service at your local hospital.
    Your Rheumy dept will help.