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hello i have just foundout i have oa of the spine i just don,t know what to do


  • elnafinn
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    Hi juejue

    First of all welcome to the forum. Why don't you put a thread on the Living with Arthritis Zone. You will get a big welcome and soon realise that you are not alone in all this. You can ask any questions you may have or tell us how it is and you will get lots of sympathy. You have found a great site and we all try to help each other. Hope to see your name around the other forums very soon.

    Look after yourself,
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    hi welcome to the forum theres loads of people on here which understand how you feel you will find load support here once again welcome to site
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    Hi and welcome to the site, sounds like you have taken your diagnosis quite bad, it must be so upsetting, Elna has given some great advice and i can only echo what she says. Take care and keep your chin up.