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hi everyone thanks for all your replies sorry not been on for a while thats because a lot has been happening DLA good news on that front was awarded high rate mobility and middle care allowance was awarded it for 2 years :P :P . The best news is i had my appointment with consultant the next day got a phone call from hospital with appointment for THR go in on 11th june absolutely terrified so the so called doctor that said i was to young and the hospital wouldnt do anything about it was wrong glad i got second oppinion now it seems i was walking sorry hobbling about with no joint 5 cysts and a twisted pelvis but if only the doctor could have sent me for an x-ray he would have saw that as well instead of letting me hobble for a further 5 months :P :P


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    That's great news all round Linda, thanks for the update. So good to hear a nice story about dLA for a change. I bet that is a big relief for you, especially since you don't have to apply again for a while. Congratulations! x
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    Hello, Really good news. :) You must be pleased. I hope it makes a big difference to your life and you'r family. Great!!!!!Love Sue :lol:
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    fantastic news, a good dla result is always great to read and the thr will help you so much. well done!!
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    well deserved i am sure , its nice to see a good result for a change xxx
    I know i am a lady ,all life is a journey xx MAY xx
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    Good news re DLA and I am so glad you will be having your op too! 11th June is very very soon!!!
    Good luck
    Take care
    Toni x

    Toni xxx