Returned to work post THR!

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I had my first day back at work yesterday, on my reduced hours/phased return. It was a bit nerve wracking going, but when I got there it was fine. It is a long drive to work, longer than I have done since my op. My colleagues were lovely and have been moving furniture around to accomodate me better.
A guy came to do my workplace assessment and wasn`t happy with where they had put my desk! :shock: He was concerned that the person on the next desk would potentially hit me with their chair. (I seriously doubt they would!) He sorted a different chair for me, and is ordering a `footrest ` thing for under the desk. He said I should contact access to work who will pat for some of the adjustments as I have ongoing OA, hip dysplasia etc.. I will ring them when the full assessment is completed.
My pc has not been set up yet, as we have moved office buildings and are still unpacking and sorting things, so he wants to come back when it is there. Also he talked about a trolley on wheels thing to transport equipment etc from office to car, not sure how I`m supposed to lift it into car yet but ......
By the end of my shift my hip/groin were acheing and complained when I drove home! But I took some pills and was Ok again. I wasn`t any more tired than I have been so I was pleased about that.
So, a milestone I think!! :D


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    well done and glad it went ok.
    sometimes the health and safety type people can be a bit ott can't they?
    but at least they are doing there best to make your work day comfortable, which is very good.
    well done again, just make sure you listen to you body if you know what i mean? don't over do it, sorry, i don't mean to sound bossy, just concerned!!
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    That's great news about returning to work, I'm glad your first day went so well. How many hours a week will you be working? And what do you do?

    I love the health and safety people! Of course they're OTT, that's how you get all your free stuff! It makes me feel looked after :-)

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    Thanks Sue,
    Hey don`t worry about nagging!! I need it sometimes!!
    Hi Nina
    I usually work 30 hrs as a health visitor, but am building my hours up over a month or so. It is ok if health and safety get me stuff to make things more comfortable, but it was a bit embarassing as there was someone else in the office when they did they assessment and I felt a bit funny talking about myself etc...
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    a health visiter? i bet thats interesting and hard work to! we don't have on at our local surgery, and i miss the help they offer, still your not at work now so i'll stop with the work talk!!!
    talking about yourself can be a bit odd, i find when i'm seeing my gp or rheumy that i only ever complain, then i apologise for complaining, before doing it again! still at least i can laugh about it!
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    Hi Nearly,

    Glad its going ok now your back but don't feel obligated and do too much. You know you have given me so much hope so thank you, Cris x
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    Hi NB
    Bet you are glad to be back at work things are moving on nicely for you now the first day will always be the worst everything will feel new again, but your have got that hurdle over and done with, but just take it easy and dont even attempt to do too much.
    Take care
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    Hi, just read your news as been at the coast for a few days, and want to wish you well with your return to work. Your employers sound really good at accomodating your needs, I only know of one working age person whose had a THR and returned to work straight after, saw her a few weeks ago, couldnt even tell she'd had an op, walking brill, no limp etc. Take care jk