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hello everyone I am new to this forum, I have just been told I have RA and am getting used to the discomfort and pain, and the visits to the hospital. but lets smile on this forum we are all been there.
I have read a lot of the listing and I feel this will help me. just one question for any one who can give me a idea how long does it take when you are first told you have it before it settles down a little.
look forward to talking to you all some more. :)


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    Hi audrey

    Welcome to the forum. Sorry that you had to go looking for us, but now you have found us, hope to see your name around the site. I wish I could give you an idea as to how long it takes before it things settle down, after diagnosis. We all vary with the intensity of our aches and pains and appointments are sometimes few and far inbetween. We do sometimes have to push to be heard and understood by the medics but you will find lots of info on here as you have already.

    Take care,

    Elna x
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    Hello Audrey
    Welcome to the forum. Its nice to meet you sorry to hear you have RA it can take a bit of getting used to.

    As Elna said we are all different and what meds work for some might not work for others. It also depends on how soon they diagnose the RA eary intervention can slow it down or send it into remission. Medication is a mine field you will find some people take the same meds as you and others different meds. I think it all depends on the RA . If you have any questions please post on the Living with arthrits forum and you will get lots of responce. If its just a chat and meet the members try Chit Chat Forum. Great gang of people who will be only to glad to help in anyway they can. Take Care
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    Hi Audrey
    Good to meet you and welcome from me.
    The 'settling down' varies enormoulsy according to how aggressive it is for you and how you respond to treatment.
    Are you on meds now?
    Do come on LWA forum and get some advice from all of us there.
    Take care
    Toni x
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    as already said it does depend on lots of factors, but everyone here is helpful and supportive so i'm sure you'll find help.
    take care