Muscle pain with RA

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I have had RA for 8 years and have taken methotrexate for 6 years now and eighteen months ago started humira, ANti TNF which has helped greatly with fatigue and mobility
but progressively over past five months leg muscle pain has increased when I walk a short distance, or swim. In the past I could swim without any problems

have others had similar problems and do you have any suggestions


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    Hi Philippa,

    Welcome to the forum I hope you will find it useful. If you post this over on the living with forum you will probably get better answers as more people will see it. I can't help as I only have oa but I am sure on the other forum someone who can will come along. take care, Cris
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    Hi Philip and welcome to the site,
    Yes RA can and does effect the muscles in some people, some medications can also give the same problem but i guess you checked your meds. Its worth having a chat to your GP or rheumy about it. I have it in my muscles Arms, Legs, Chest and tummy muscles. The pain is not as bad as that from my bones but long term it can get you down. Take Care