NHS Employees and Agenda For Change

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I know there are quite a few of you who work for the NHS. I was wondering if any of you have been affected by AFC and have asked for a review of your banding? I have and my appeal is coming up in the next few weeks. Just wondering if anyone has undergone the whole process? Looking for some advice,
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    When the AFC first came in, i was working as a Radiographer and went to appeal as they wanted to down grade the senior II to basic's for budgets and other reasons - we all won, but luckily im not there anymore!

    I think as long as you can justify the work you do and explain why you shoudl be re-graded they were for us very helpful!

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    Hi,I work for the NHS but my transition went smoothly so am not much help to you sorry.
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    I was graded at a 5 which was what I was before anyway, so wasn't a problem for me.

    I think the best advice is to try and find someone who has been banded and does the same job as you, even if you need to hunt about and ask someone from another trust.

    You can then show the appeal board their grading and explain you do a similar job and ask why you weren't given the same band.

    Good luck!
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    Mine went as expected so can`t really offer any advice. But hope it works out for you.
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    Thanks to you all for your replies. My job is new, it doesn't have it's own profile and the AFC board matched us to a band 4 on an existing profile. We match a 6. Finding it hard to try and get everything down on paper as to why we feel we match this band. Our union are a bit clueless-just like me. I have an informal meeting on Thursday re review so hopefully will get some good advice.