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I have been off work now for 6 weeks following a fall at work.

They are not sure what is wrong if anything or it as just really set off my O/A.I had my MRI scan fri and go back for results this coming friday.

Now as i have had 6 weeks off i have to go and see the occupational health people at work!I have had a look through previous posts to try and find out what is going to be asked of me.

I have been told it is just routine for anyone who as had more than 6 weeks off.Question is do i need to be worried?As i am taking it further as regard to the fall as they have admitted liability.

Di x


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    Hi Di,

    I think you should have a word with the people who are helping you to take it further as you want the best deal you can get and it is so easy to say the wrong thing and give them a way out. I think the OH thing is just routine but its always best to be aware they are employed by the people your going further with. A long time ago I got badly injured at work and my adviser told me say nothing as I would have rolled over and said sorry for being injured and would have been well stuffed left to my own devises! Good luck and take care, Cris
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    Good luck Di, I found my experience possitive, but I was not seen for 18 months as I hade everything in hand regarding physio, hospital etc. If you are the same just tell them your Doctor has arranged appropriate treatment and will when the time is right advise you regarding a return to work. Linda
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    Thanks alot.

    I am seeing someone on tues so will ask then,i wouldnt have known what to say.As no way i can go back yet as i am on checkouts and its both my knees.

    I wasnt going to do anything about it but i am so glad i decided to now as i really dont know what it as done and the fact that they wanted to disapline me for having over the companys allowed number of days off a year(8) :x

    Di x
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    Good luck, I really hope you manage to get somewhere with this. Your company sounds very old fashioned. Love Sue

    Sorry, I think this has gone in the wrong place! :oops: The company YOU work for are asking you to go to occy health for your sake as well as theirs. If your fall was at work, it could mean problems for them if you have future problems. Try not to worry, I've been several times and always found them understanding.

    Love Sue :D