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Hi about 7 weeks ago i started getting pain in my hand after 2 nights up in agony i went to the doctors hand was now swollen she gave me pain killers nothing helped blood showed slight inflammation. after a further 3 weeks in complete agony i eventually saw a rhumatologist by that time my inflammatory markers had gone up a lot and still rising even now was told i have sero neg arthritis. i was given a steroid injection in the butt given sulfasalazine i also take naproxen parcetamol and codeine also something to line my stomach cause of the naproxen . Well that evening i felt great could move the hand etc but next day back to normal awful pain and could n't move it plus very swollen. Anyway to cut this short i then went into have a steroid infusion same thing next day brilliant day after back to excruciating pain and it has now moved mainly into my middle finger which is twice its size and i cant bear to even touch it if i do i nearly shoot through the ceiling other fingers are also swollen i dont think i will ever be able to bend it again. my rhummy phoned me on thursday and if it hasnt eased off by next week i have to either have another infusion or steroid tablets.what i would like to know is how long has other peoples flare ups lasted is this normal for it to last this long and be this painful the pain killers dont touch the pain i get it in my feet as well i get shooting pains like pins being stuck in my fingers i cant dress hold anything drive i feel like my life has been taken away from me i also have suffered with back pain since the age of 16 im now 47 so i have lived with pain i also suffer with panic attacks and depression for 20 yrs and this seems to have started them off again. Sorry to moan but i feel so upset at the moment any advice would be really appreciated. :(


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    This time of getting symptoms, getting a diagnosis, getting treatment and waiting for it to work can often be one of the most difficult times.
    Steroids are good at reducing swelling and inflammation quickly but -as you've discovered- the effect doesn't last that long.
    Sulphasalazine is a long acting drug and won't have reached it's full effect yet - give it time.
    For now, take life easy, if the painkillers don't help then ask for something stronger. It's understandable that your feelings of anxiety and depression have come back but you've managed these before so use the coping skills you've learned to help you this time.
    If you need professional help, ask for it. If you'd like to talk to one of us here please do ring us on the freephone number.
    Many forum users have been in the position you're in now and I hope you'll get support from us all.
    Best wishes