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Hello to everyone - you all seem so nice and I look forward to chatting with you in the future.

I have OA in some of my joints - already had an op on my big toe on one foot and will have to have the other foot done eventually. Also have it in one knee but the pain has subsided for now. I have now been told it's OA that's causing the pain and loss of movement at the base of my thumb (other hand is heading the same way). It's taken a while to get GP to show any interest and finally had an x-ray because I asked for a cortisone injection. The bone is now so damaged there's no gap to get the needle in!!! I've now been told about an operation I can have so I'm off to the advice forum, funnily enough, for some advice.

Anyway, I do a jazzercise class twice a week to keep me fit and I'm thinking about taking up cycling. I'm determined to keep movement in my joints but I realise this type of exercise isn't for everyone.

Bye for now.



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    Hi Pheebs

    Welcome to the forum, hope to see you posting on lots of topics :)

    Glad your Dr. took notice of you eventually, it's much better when you know what's going on even if it's something you don't want.

    Jazzercise am I right thinking this is hard work so well done you :) I know a few people that cycle and it's good for you and your joints.

    Vonski x
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    Hi Vonski!

    Jazzercise is great fun and you can do high or low impact, depending on how you feel at the time.

    Off to bed now or I'll never get up for work.

    Speak to you again soon.

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    Hi Pheebs

    Welcome to the site. I love to cycle as long as it is on the flat. Perhaps I should move to Holland :lol: I use an exercise bike daily too.

    I have oa in both thumbs. I had a TKR in 2008 and need the other one done in the near future. I have started hula hooping too - that is fun! I borrowed a hoop and got hooked! I only do about 15 minutes or so a day and have only been doing it for around 2 weeks or so.

    Attending aa jazzercise class sounds like fun!

    Hope to see you posting more,

    Look after yourself,

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    Dalton /Hello Pheebie
    pleased to met you both and welcome to the site from me too!
    Look forwrd to seeing you both poting in the future!
    Toni x

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