Thumb op.

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I have OA in my thumb joints although one is worse than the other - losing quite a bit of movement and now at the stage where I can't get a steriod injection.
It was suggested I could have an op where the damaged bone is removed and pins inserted. The pins are removed after 6 weeks and at this point scar tissue should have developed where the bone was and this should help get the movement back.

I'n not scared of operations or pain but don't know of anyone else who has had this done. Do you know of anyone who has found this successful?

I realise you may not be able to say much because everyone is different, and I have to m ake up my opwn mind, but any advice is welcome.




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    Hi Pheebs
    You're right, everyone's experience of surgery is different. If you post this question on the 'Living with Arthritis' forum you'll probably get more replies from people who've had this done and their results, good & bad.
    The most important thing is the result for you. I am assuming this is a specialist hand surgeon who has recommended this operation.
    You can ask him if he is going to do the surgery himself and what is his experience in doing this particular operation, if he is not doing it then who is and what is their experience, and what he expects the outcome to be for you personally.
    Get as much information as you can to help you make up your mind.
    Best wishes