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i have been working in a kitchen finish in 2 weeks a way i am glad as i was struggling on feet all day .i think i will just manage next 2 weeks waiting for injection in heel and wrist.i dont know how to start looking for a job that is suitable when they know you have been off sick a lot etc. my heads spinning thinking what to do.


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    Hello there

    I'm sorry to hear you will be made redundant soon. But you can use this opportunity to find a job that you really want. What qualifications do you have? What would you like to do? It would be a good idea to make some lists of your options.

    You can apply for jobs online and register your CV with agencies that way. is quite a good one, I've heard. You could also make an appointment to see the careers counsellor at your local job centre.

    I didn't work for 2 years after my youngest was born and then was in the position you're in looking for a job, I know how scary it can be, so please let us know how you're getting on.

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    Hello, I'm sorry that you'r being made redundant, as thats not a nice thing to go through whatever.

    On the brighter side it is an opportunity for you. You can have a think about what you want to do and see how to go about getting it! Life can do funny things, I spent years working as a secretary, I didn't dislike it but, it wasn't fantastic fun either. Then I had to have my mother-in-law stay with us for 2 years while I looked after her. When she died, I realised that I liked careing for people, so I worked as a care assistant with the elderly. Without the push of looking after someone, I'd never have thought I could have done work like that. My regret is that I didn't start earlier in life, then I could have made a proper career of it. I did manage my NVQ in Care though! :)

    Good job hunting!