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:( hello i am newly diagnosed with RA and have really sore feet its feels like bruises on my soles all of the time and i cant walk on them also my left foot keeps gpong really cold then getting an ache in it then tingeling really painfully then gets warm again is this part of my RA or something compleatly differnt sorry forgot to say i have fibromyalgia also


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    hi, i had terrible pain in both my feet so i understand. walking was so painful. i was told it's part of RA as i have that, my best advice would be to find shoes that have a 'rocker' shaped sole, if that makes sense? the best way to describe it is the shape of a rocker on old style ropcking chairs, the toes part goes up abit, i so hope that makes sense? lol
    i find trainers most comfy, i hated them before getting RA but now i have no choice but to wear them!
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    Dear Bones,

    Thanks for your enquiry to Helplines. This is definitely the kind of problem which it's appropriate to raise with your rheumatology team, to see what they can suggest. We would not be able to say whether it's definitely linked with your RA - but common sense would suggest that you check it out.

    I wonder if you 've just begun treatment? If so is there any information we can send you?

    I'm attaching some infomation on feet problems

    but you might prefer to read things in hard copy, and we can post you out a pack containing information on self-management and arthritis too, just e-mail say you were talking to us on the forum about RA and feet, so we know what to send.

    I hope we can help further
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    I also suffer from a sore left foot and i am given the impression by my nurse that it is part of the R.A I suffer.At the moment my left foot and my right hip are the only parts suffering pain. Yesterday I couldnt walk on the foot as it was too painful so I sat down for 10 mins and when I stood up again the pain had gone.
    I hav been wearing the same pair of trainers for 8 years because I cannot get another pair of shoes to fit and not aggravate the pain!

    Take care Tkachev
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