wrist/hand splints

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i had my wrist supports from local hospital they only took a couple of days.i wear the one when at work as my wrist hurts when i move it i find it really helps.and they were free.ask your doc to refer you to hospital.good luck


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    Hi Lynn

    Another source for getting some hand/wrist splints would be the hospital physiotherapist or occupational therapist who could give you made-to-measure splints. This would have advantage over buying ready made ones that don't quite fit as they should. It may also be worth chasing up your Rheumatology nurse just in case. If you would like information regarding RA from us please private message us your full name and postal address.

    All the best

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    My OT have supplied me with three sets of Comfort Cool, soft supports (at different times as they have worn out) but they are very easy to wear. You need a referral from your consultant or gp

    Otherwise you can buy them from Able Care Limited. Comfort Cool is an american company They are quite expensive, but do protect your wrists and hands. I am having to wear to rigid one on my left hand because CTS. Takes awhile to get use to these but I see the benefit of them when I come to take it off each day.

    The other support your OT can give you is a support to wear when you go to bed for when you are asleep. He or she will make it to measure and it does help with the pain It is made from a materials that is softened by heat and then bent to fit your hand and arm. It is possible that not all Hospital Trusts have these services but do press your GP for referral if you can.

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    Hi Colly,

    If you need something short term while you're waiting for your splints to arrive you could try talking to your local LLoyds pharmacy. I spoke to them and discussed which joints needed the extra support and they ordered splints for me in the right size. They only took about 2 days to arrive and I ended up preferring them to the ones I got from occ health!!