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8) Hi, I am new to the forum and have just started on methotrexate. The rheumatology doctor I saw was not very helpful in giving information about other medication. I take tramadol 100mg x4 per day, and was also using ibuprofen 400gm 4 x day as instructed by the previous doctor that I saw. I need to know if it is ok th continue the ibuprofen now with the methotrexate. I was told bymy gp initially that I do not need NSAIDs as my disease is not inflamatory, the RA doctor said I should take them for pain relief along with the tramadol. The next RA doctor was the consultant, and seemed very distracted and was leaving the room to speak to another patient most of the time he was dealing with me. He also gave me an injection without informing me what was in it, he just said it was a booster for the treatment. I hope when I return on 4.9.09 that I see the original doctor, but in the meantime need some help please!!!!


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    Dear Jordan 7

    Welcome to chat to Helplines. Sorry to hear that you did not get very clear information from your recent rheumatology appointment. First of all I hope we can send you an information pack all about ways of managing arthritis and about our support networks (just email your name and address to us whenever you want this: [email protected] and we'll post you more to read.)

    Sometimes it's helpful to take someone with you to your appointments, to write down what's said and help you ask questions. But a hectic clinic can be stressful.

    It's not unnusual to be taking an anti-inflammatory if you are on disease modifying medication - but we would not be able to tell you definitely whether it's right for you personally. (As you are being offered a dmard I'm assuming your diagnosis has been changed to inflammatory arthritis.) But I can understand in the circumstances you want a fuller answer. You should be able to contact your rheumatology specialist nurse at the clinic and get this clarified.
    Things that can help you get a fuller picture may include more detail about your blood results and target reductions they proposing for your treatment.

    I hope that helps, but do ring us if you'd like to talk things over.

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    Hi, thank you for replying to my question. I have tried to reply by e mail with my name and address but cannot seem to send it. It asks for info i do not understand. I will call your helpline number for info. Thank you once again

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