Pain, tablets, doctors ahhhhh!

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I just feel so down at the moment. My x-ray results are back and the receptionist rang me today to say that there were mild changes but nothing serious. I have no idea what that all means (left ankle). I am just in so much pain. they are trying me on different tablets (naproxen), which i have to be really careful taking as i have asthma but they are not yet helping. If i take the tramadol which does help but only on 100mg 3 - 4 times a day i do get pain relief, but it is all the side effects. I just don't know what to do. I have no concentration and i just want to cry all the time now. I have a phone consulation with the doctor on thursday morning, but i'm not sure how i am going to cope until then.

i'm sorry for unloading like this



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    Hi Crafty
    Don't be sorry for unloading - on a bad day like today it's often the best thing to do.
    When pain is such a problem try some simple distraction techniques such as rubbing your fingers together and feeling the sensation.
    Another good technique is to focus your attention on something such as the pattern in a curtain or cushion, the grain of wood on a chair or table, a shadow on the wall. Take off your shoes and notice the feel of the floor - soft, hard, cold or warm.
    Listen to your surroundings - what do you hear?
    Try & lose yourself in a book or some favourite music - anything to distract yourself from the present pain and fear of future pain.

    Plan your telephone conversation with your GP on Thursday - think about what you want to say to him and what answers you want from him. Write things down and rehearse how you are going to say them so you feel confident in your ability to express yourself. If you want to talk to one of us tomorrow before you go just give us a ring on the freephone number.
    Best wishes