Glandular Fever cure!

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Hey!! This is my 1st time writing on here so be easy on me!! Im a 22year old lady and I have had RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) for 20 long years. Iv never met anyone else with RA around my age so it would be great to chat with people like yourselves as my friends cant really related with me on this subject, they usually refer to my knees as 'bad' like you would a mouldy granny smith apple!

I had glandular fever last year for almost a year and that was the best year of my life (RA wise) all my joints looked like actual well, joints instead of over inflamed balloons, I was just wonder if anyone else has had this experience?? my doctor n nurse said they are probably related but wasnt interested in following it up really, believe me glandular fever is so much easier to deal with and less pain! im not suggesting you should go snog a person with glandular fever 2 test my experience by the way!!

(I forgot to mention, whilst having a mild case of glandular fever I was off ALL my RA drugs for the 1st time in 20 odd years for the whole time I had glandular fever.)


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    Hello and welcome to the forum from one of the wrinklies.
    I have o/a not ra and have never had glandular fever either but someone should be along shortly who can relate to your specifics.
    Why would they not want to see how this effect came about,I am curious and just from a laymans point of view.If they could inject a small dose of glandular fever like the immunisations for measles etc. would that not work for everyone.

    Linda H
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    I'm 21 and have had RA since i was 13, so not as long suffering as you! I had Glandular fever when i was 14 and basically cant remember a week of my life because of it! I recovered in about 4 weeks after coming off my methotrexate but was extra tired for the next few years- i cant remember how long it takes to leave your system completely but i think it's about 3 years.

    I didn't notice any difference in my joints during this time apart from being a bit stiff from having to be in bed, so im not sure about what happened to you.

    You should defiantly talk to people on here about your RA, it makes you feel so much better to know there's other people out there going through the same thing. The rest of the Arthritis Care website is also really useful- you should see if there's anything going on in your area?

    Take care x
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