oa or not ?

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hi started with lower back problem where back and pelvice join then hands and feet joined in. went to doc who examined me. and sent me for blood test had 3 in a month and then one a month after. the doc said showed inflimation so tried ibubrophen did not help so now take naproxin and a stomach protector (had problems) question is can she tell it is just oa with blood tests and examination :?: which is what she thinks it is


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    Hi Valval

    OA can be diagnosed from xray plus examination, and blood tests would either show inflammatory types of arthritis or if they came back clear of any inflammatory types then that may confirm OA.

    Do you know your blood test results? The whole business of blood tests is quite a complicated one and from what you have written it sounds a bit confused as your blood tests are showing inflammation. This can happen when we are not well and there is some kind of inflammation in the body and not neccessarily related to arthritis. Even with OA you can have localised inflammation. Have you had a busy period where you have been more active than usual or experienced some kind of stress in you life. Over doing it causes physical stress and also emotional stress or anxiety can increase pain levels in the body.

    How are you being treated apart from naproxin? Has the doctor refered you for physio? This would be the next recomended step in managinging your osteoarthrits.

    For more information on OA and other types of arthritis you may find it useful to read our booklets on the website which you can down load for free: http://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/PublicationsandResources/Listedbytype/Booklets

    The most useful one to read first would be the Understanding Arthritis. This may then either help you understand things more and perhaps even spark some questions to ask your doctor if things are still not clear.

    If you would like to talk to one of us please feel free to give us a call or for an information pack just private message us you full name, age and address.

    Best wishes

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    thankyou that helped last lot of blood tests because bruising quite bad doc just wanted to rule anything else out thought it as naproxem causing it . doing your exercises and thi chi when up to it talked this over with doc and walking when i can (feet some times flare up) if things dont settle will ask 4 xray was suprised not had one yet as others have mentioned them as not bad most of the time just managing it so far with diet and exercise with anti inflam when needed

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