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i have a tens machine that i have had for a number of years. someone on the forum suggested using it for my ankle pain but i am unsure where to position the electrodes to get the best pain relief. I also need some new electrodes and i was wondering if you could advise on either of these.

I was also wondering about getting a stick to use when the pain in my ankle is very bad, and i have no idea where to start with getting one. any ideas?




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    Hi Craftyuk

    I'm not sure how effective using a TENS machine on your ankles will be as its usually more effective when the electrodes are placed on a fleshy/muscly area. You could try asking your local physio department what their views are on ankles and where to place electrodes for most effect.

    As for buying new electrodes I'm sure that if you just put 'tens machine electrodes' into google, you will get lots of results to tell you where to purchase some.

    Regarding the stick it would be best to seek advice from an occupational therapist to make sure you get the right height etc and they can give you one.

    I hope that helps