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Hi :) I have been supplied with splints to wear at night by my rheumy. I have tried to wear them, but find they make my hands go numb, and give me pain in my arms. When i told them they said i had to persevere, i have had enough of them!!!! Are there any i could wear during the day instead? I dont mind buying them if necessary, my left hand is now very painful, and would be glad of some advice.


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    I am a member of the forum and have never worn splints but I am sure if they were making my hands numb and giving me pains in the arms and leaving one of my hands sore I would not wear them either. I think I would be on to the rheumy department every day saying there was no change in how they were affecting me and appeared to be doing more harm than good. I am sorry that they are no good for you. Sounds as if they are not the correct size.

    Hope you get sorted soon,

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    There are two types of splints - resting and working. Resting splints keep your joints in one position and are usually used if someone is having a flare and should be custom made. It sounds like this is what you've been given but do tell them again that they are not suitable. You shouldn't be using something which makes your joints uncomfortable.
    Working splints are lighter and support the joints while allowing to move. These can be provided from the physio or occupational therapist attached to your rheum department or you can buy them from good chemists. You might find this link helpful
    Best wishes
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    Hi, no splints should be making your hands feel numb - were your splints made to fit you? As previously said, resting splints should be. I have both day and night splints - day splints can be bought 'off the peg', although saying that I've had some which should have been right on paper and turned out really uncomfortable. My night splints were 'tweaked' several times - have you had a follow up appointment?? You should not be told to persevere if they are uncomfortable-they do take a little getting used to, but shouldn't give you symptoms like you have. I do hope you get things sorted, take care, Josie