Hi all! any suggestions?

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Hello, I'm Jane.

I'm 30, and have had spinal trouble since my early 20's. Over the past year I have begun to display other symptoms of osteoarthritis, (hands, feet, knees...) and have finally been diagnosed, so I'm a newbie in every sense!

I live in Manchester, and really want to know what groups there are, especially swimming or fitness. I know I'm young to have osteoarthritis; that's why I took so long to diagnose. Does anyone else here here my age have it?



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    I should add; Im very active still most of the time, though there are days my backs too bad and my poor husband Lee has to dress me! He has no dress sense either!!

    It's deff. getting worse slowly; my hands hurt all the time now. Im scared that as I've gotten this so young Im going to be a real mess by the time I'm 60,70, 80. Most of the time Im really cheerful but I get scared and angry too. Im really glad to have found this site, and people who will understand!

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    Hi Jane
    Welcome to the site from me!
    Sorry you have the dreaded A-word!!!!
    The upside is that you get to meet wonderful people here!!
    There is a young person's forum too (can be much much younger!) feel free to post there too, but don't expect immediate replies as they have lives( :wink: )
    Once you have the diagnosis and get your meds sorted the only way is up!!!!
    Hope to see you around
    Toni x
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    Hi Jane welcome to the site. You could try the notice board at physio for groups of exercise for arthritis sufferers. Or phone up local leisure centres. I had to give up swimming as just trying to get changed was too much for me!! I hope to get back to exercise once my arthritis is under control. It is a struggle at first, but you do adapt and this site helps with that. Keep posting and let us know how you are doing.

    Take care