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my hands r stiff and sore every morning is this normal with oa .at first doc thought i had ra but my 3rd lot of bloods came back down .i am inbetween oa and ra at mo really confused can it take a while 2 be proberly daignoised. :cry: i do attend a rhumey doc


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    i have the same in the mornings, I have RA in my hands

    I try and get in to the shower and find that the hot water works well to get me going. I also find as the day goes on my hands hurt more.

    Also heat packs work well.

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    Hello, I have stiff, painful hands and I like to soak them for a few mins in hot water when I get up. Hope your GP sorts out the problems you have as it sounds a bit uncertain. I do know that it can be hard to diagnose, though. Love Sue
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    avebeen told by rhumey doc that he dont think it ra hopefully not .he thinks it is oa and a combination of wear and tear and general aches and pains :? i dont no what 2 think at mo just no that my body aches and it cant move the way it used to.has gradually got worse over last year
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    hi know how u feel for years docs just said its wear and tear no help at all feet r the same the exercises do help before getting out of bed have to exercise feet or like lumps of wood no movement at all things were getting worse and worse was begining to think was in my head as no one else thought it important :cry: . then went to a great doc who sent me for blood tests which showed inflimation did more tests still showing inflimation so ended up on anti inflam tabs helped but last couple of weeks things got bad and ended up on pain killers as well .holding pen at work some days not good but today a much better day sun helps :D:D:D .so stick with it hope u get sorted soon and find some meds which help u cope good luck sure u will be much better soon

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