Pamidronate (Aredia) any one had this ?

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Hello again.
been sometime, but things still very bad with the pain and arthritis.

now been told that i can have this drug.
we are hoping that it is going to help. BIG TIME.

will be getting it on Monday, it has come through quick for a change.
things always seem to take long time when in chronic pain and stiffness.

dont know who long for, maybe 1 off.

and also told that anti tnf is also in the pipe line,
this helps my father and hope it will do the same for me.


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    i havent had this drug but wanted to wish you good luck with it, it sounds like you have been having a really bad time so i hope this will give you some relif :D
    best wishes
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    Hi, I haven't had it either, but wanted to wish you well. I hope it works for you.

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    Hi welshlady

    Nice to see your name on here again.

    I have had a quick google and it is a self inject medication and I read, be sure you receive proper amounts of calcium and vitamin D in your diet but I am sure you have been told all that.

    Has it been prescribed to you for increase in bone density or for some of the other reasons that it can be prescribed. It would appear it depends how many times you inject and how far inbetween on what it is being used for.

    Hope it helps you and if anti tnf is in the pipeline that is a positive, isn't it?

    Hope you are coping ok,

    Elna x

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