you wait ages and 2 come along at once lol

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iv got a app for the 20th aug with a oral clinic (dont know why as been told thats for teeth etc and there fine) and now iv got one for the 2nd sept with the maxillo clinic which was done as a urgent and is ment to be a seen in 3weeks kinda deal but if my maths are right thats 5weeks away tut nhs tut, always told my maths teacher what did i need to do maths for etc he said you might become a accountant or a doctor or a nurse YEEEEEAAAAAAHHHH right so i stand by my what do i need maths for statement lol, anyway iv emailed my doctor who has the unfortunate name of "ms L C FRYER" my kids have come up with large chip fryer, as i was saying i emailed her and asked if its poss to rather have it brought forward or kept on the list with that appointment and put on another where if someone calls and cancels they then call me and say right get your **** to the hospital , now all iv gotta do is wait for a reply or call or appointment date,


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    I am glad you have an appt, I hope they can fit you in earlier. Maybe then you can get some treatment that can help you.


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