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As you may know I am 2 weeks post op after an OsteoChondralplasty on my right hip. I am progressing well and have follow up appointments with physio, consultant and pain clinic.

My fear at the moment is that after these appointments I am told the op was a success go home. Although the OA is secondry I know that this won't vanish and There could still be pain in the winter or if I walk too much. Will I still get access to meds?

It's a bit scary to get this far and to think I may be cut loose. Also worried about peoples perceptions i.e you have had the op and recovered now get on with it.



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    Hi Anne

    I do not believe you should be worrying that in case you need meds at a later date you will not be able to get them.

    It is great to know that an op has been a success at the end of it all but should you then get aches and pains/problems anywhere in the future you go to the gp and you are provided with meds and if it is felt that you need to see a consultant for the complaint, then you are referred.

    "Peoples perceptions about ops and you have recovered now get on with it" - well, people appear to be most odd when it comes to understanding other people's aches and pains as we are all well aware on this forum. It really is none of their business, so I would try not to worry about that either.

    At the moment, the most important thing is that you get as well as can be after this op. Try not to worry about things that have not happened yet!

    Have a good weekend,

    Elna xx
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    Hi, I'm glad your op has been a sucess. I'm sure meds will be available if and when you need them. If you've been on pain killers a long time, they will help you reduce the dose slowly, as the body can become used to them. Why not discuss this with your GP, if its worrying you a lot. Love Sue
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    Thanks for your comments. I know I shouldn't worry but sometimes just can't help it.


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