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Hi Guys,

This might be a long shot but I wondered if anyone works from home by telecommuting online. I'm looking for a full time job but in the meantime I need something to keep me out of trouble :wink: and bring in pocket money so I can afford to spoil my little girl with things like a trip to the cinema or the zoo.

I'm particularly interested in things like proofreading and copy editing as I'm a scientific writer and my skills transfer well but there are so many scams out there that I just don't trust any of them any more. The other thing that I would be interested in doing is data entry online. So far though the only ones that don't appear to be scams are only for US residents.

Has anyone found a site worth looking at? If so I'd be grateful if you would recommend them. Thx. Cathy xx


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    Hi Cathy I am in the process of setting up (hopefully!) my own business working from home and came across this link. It advertises jobs don't know whether any of them are suitable. Good luck! x
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    Hi Cathy

    Well when i first had to give up work due to chronic pain i had to do something to keep us afloat.

    I worked on a "chatline" using the phone and computer!!

    I was glad of it at the time because it was a sort of link to the outside world and at least i felt i was still doing my bit and didn't feel so isolated and depressed.

    A womens gottado what a womans gotta do!! :lol::lol:
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    Thx guys. I'll look into these.

    Incidentally I have just applied for a job as a medical researcher co-ordinator for arthritis research. I figure that if any employer would understand the difficulties then they should!!
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    Tell us more about this "chatline" you worked on - was it a rude one? Most importantly, did it pay well? :-)


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