Flu anybody?

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Hi All,
Despite having my flu jab (last Autumn) I got flu-like symptoms last weekend and immediately panicked as lots of people at work are off with swine flu... I used the new flu service website which diagnosed me after answering a few questions and gave me a reference number to get a Tamiflu prescription then advised me to contact my GP by phone as I am in an at risk group. Well I am not sure how they came up with the questions but I really am not sure I had swine flu - could have been anything! The first symptoms were joint pain - as usual the herald that my immune system has been triggered then high temperature, muscle pain, sore throat, mildly runny nose, and a very occasional cough joined in. I felt wiped out. Now feeling a bit better, high temp has gone and I have managed to get up a bit but still feeling wiped out and very tired if I do the smallest thing. Had a week off work and my employers have a strict sickness policy but say that if you are ill due to swine flu it won't count towards the sickness target as it's important not to come to work to stop it spreading. BUT you have to have a Dr note. How can I get one if I can't go to the surgery? I thought you couldn't get one for a week or less anyway - one more worry on top of feeling poorly and sitting here worrying about all the housework that's not getting done... Anyone else had flu?


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    Not me, not yet. I'm dreading the new term with all the kids at school, as they are hotbeds of infection and my husband is at risk as he is a diabetic! :( Heres hoping...... Hope you are OK.
    Love Sue
    PS I'm not married to a 'toy-boy'; hes a science teacher!!!
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    I have been waiting for one of us to get it.
    Poor you :( You have all my sympathy and i hope you feel better soon.
    I expect the GP will give you a sicknote retrospectively when you are allowed back in - so I would try not to worry.
    Take care
    toni x