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Hi. I was diag 2 years ago with arthritic arthritus, but only had problems with my right hand and right ankle on odd times. I worked fulltime but the load and stress from my manager caused it to spread to my right elbow, shoulder, left knee and made hand and ankle worst!!! Had splints for daytime and night time which helped. Then went back to rhem clinic in Feb and put on methatrexate tables - 10mg to 20mg over space of 2months. Side effects were terrible, sickness, fatigue, felt like been hit by steam train most of the time!! But it helped the pain Then went onto injections!! Horrid but effective??!!!!! Helped pain but still feel sick, fatigue couple days after, etc. Had to give up job, after going part time had work load increased!!!! :?: Have not worked since May but only now is the body feeling better?? Is this just me? I am now feeling very depressed and keep thinking that I will wake up and the doctors will tell me that they have made a mistake and it is all in my head!!!!! Is this normal?? :cry: I seem to be fighting with my self and unable to come to terms with it and the changes that I have had to make over the last 6 months. Any advice :? :cry:


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    Hi Psyart and welcome to posting.

    I'm afraid it is alot to come to terms with and you're bound to feel down. Depression and arthritis can sometimes go hand in hand. I promise you that you will start to feel better but at the moment your body and brain are just adapting to the changes that this disease has thrown at them.

    Give yourself some time and also have a word with your GP about how low you feel and also the side effects, he/she maybe able to give you some anti-metics (anti-sickness) drugs to help you, if you're not already on them. Side effects can settle down too of their own accord - mine did and I know other people's on here have too.

    Hope you start to feel better soon.

    Luv Legs :)
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    Hi Psyart

    Welcome. Sorry to hear your story. You are not alone in feeling like you do at the moment. You have had a huge shock. Others have found this site after being newly diagnosed and they have been helped immensely by us, as we know what it is like and we all offer advice and try to answer the questions, fears etc. We also offer bags of sympathy. All the stress you were suffering whilst working and being in pain, would probably have aggravated the situation for you.

    At least you are starting to feel better which is good. It is difficult to make the changes that are necessary but things do improve. Do you have a sympathetic gp or are you with a rheumy department? Gp's can offer you acupuncture, physio, referral to a pain clinic as well as meds to ease the pain and inflammation.

    Do keep posting. This site has helped many people pick themselves up, even if it is only that you will know that you are not alone and as we are all in the same boat we definitely do understand what you are going through. It can make things easier just to call in and have a good old rant about "arthur" as well as knowing that every time you call in, someone will answer your post.

    There is also the helpline that you can call or email should you so wish.

    Chin up, you have found us now, you won't regret that :wink::lol::lol::lol:

    Elna x
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    Hi there and welcome to the forum. :) It does come as a shock when first diagnosed wth arthritis and there is certinally a change to how you do day to day things.I have OA and RA and wasn't sure how I would cope until I found this forum.Everyone has been so helpful with advice etc. and if you need a good moan this is the place to come as everyone will listen and sympathize as they are 'in the same boat'. Hopefully your GP will be able to give you something for the sickness so I would have a word with him. Take care.Breane. :P
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    Welcome from me!
    Your old bosses sound like not at all helpful/nice people!!!
    No wonder you had to leave!
    The mtx does take some getting used to and Linda is right are you on antything to help with your nausea and folic acid too.
    I agree that you need to be kind to yourself and not expect yourself to get your head round all of this straight away.
    I still think maybe I'm imagining it sometimes and that they will think I am a fraud and discharge me!! :roll:
    Come on here and talk to us - we will support you while it all settle sdown.
    Toni x
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    Hi and welcome to this site - what you are feeling is totally normal and understandable and something we all go through (and still go through). The people here know what you are going through and can be a great help with advice, sympathy and humour.
    I have been off work since mid March and have been diagnosed with RA for a few months now - I am on 25mg methotrexate (tablets) and seem to be coping ok with them with the help of anti sickness tabs but am still not 'controlled'.
    I am still coming to terms with being diagnosed and also with the pain control - like most people here I have my good days and bad days and it is a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions. I have been a bit teary and a bit down but the dr assured me that my emotional response is quite normal and emotionally I am just coming to terms with the physical stuff going on and the adjustments I am having to make - I find it hard to tell people how I'm really feeling physically as well as emotionally.....but am getting better at it.
    Sometimes the pain and tiredness is so bad that on the better days you do question yourself and think was it that bad...etc etc - and the answer is YES IT WAS, you didn't imagine it - the horrible thing about 'arthur' is that every day is different - and it is a case of trying to cope with everything it flings at you - on good days you can do a bit more (but not too much) and bad days will pass (slowly).
    This site is fantastic and so addictive - I have found this a big help and support - from posting myself to just reading other posts I know that I am not alone in coping with this and it does reassure me that other people are going through the same battles I am.
    love and cyber hugs
    Eileen x
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    Hi, and welcome to the site. The way you are feeling is completely normal and we have all felt like it at one time. Diagnosis is a shock and a rollercoaster of emotions. The changes we have to make in our lives can be hard to swallow. Give yourself time to adjust, things will get better. Keep posting and let us know how you are doing. The site is very friendly and supportive.

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    Hi Psyart, I can't add much more to what everyone has already said, we all have good and bad days with Arthritis, people are very helpful and sympathetic on the forum so don't be afraid to say how you feel, so a big welcome to you love jaspercatxx
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    :D thank you to everyone who has replied!!!! I have lots of things that I want to know about 'arthur' so will ask certain things but will also just read other peoples views and life experiences!! Do feel that a lot of what has been said makes sense, even if the illness doesnt!!
    one thing, does anyone else dread doing the injections?? i have anti sickness tables, but try not to take them all the time, just when i feel really sick, but some weeks are worst than others - e.g. this past week i have felt sick everyday from injection day Saturday to Thursday?!!
    I have read a lot about how others look at you when you say you have 'arthur', as if to say you look too well to be ill or have arthritus!! This i feel doesnt help adjusting and accepting 'arthur' into my life as i feel he should not be with me anyway!!! make sense?? :?
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    hi we all feel that its in our heads some times as there r good days and bad lol u r having things dad at the moment a lot to get your head around feel 4 u remember be nice to your self give your self a treat as life can be hard making every job take twice as long :cry::cry: . take things a day at a time read up on exercises for the good days :D:D and the diet pages r a good help good luck hope u get things under controll soon and u feel much better soon :D:D:D

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