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Hi all,
Has anyone had one of these?
I received a letter this morning telling me I have to go for one in 2 weeks time and am not sure what to expect.
I was also a little suprised as I recently had my I.B awarded until March 2010 so I would have thought that if I had to have one it would be nearer the end date of my award, not now??
I'm getting stressed already, are they going to force me into applying for work/training when I'm not well enough to do so??
Any help or advice would be gratefully received.


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    Sorry Hels, I don't know what this is. Can you contact your HR Dept and ask them what this is about prior to the interview?

    Come back and let us know what they say. Sorry I'm not much more help.

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    Sorry, should have explained better. This is in relation to my Incapacity Benefit. It is the job centre who hold the interviews with the view of getting people on I.B back into work.
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    The interview was not to bad for me but she muched up me forms this delayed things and everyone else in chain drs who they have to write to before you go to collage work training place were not quick either.
    I was not stableized before going i thought i was unwell. I saw gp and said this to her due to infections and was on break from med because of it. Gp said out of her hands i presume gov are pushing gps . and she said i had to prove i was unfit.
    I went to collage return to work training was ill most of time on course as most of condition is hidden they did not see my probs they notice lack of concentration, and the passing out . could not seee headachs, and fact i had insomnia for four wks. they knew i had pain due to posture probs as they failed to get me equipment quick which i had to beg for. i was two months into course before i had it then chair got st on by students they could not put equip in all classes i attended
    i was in bed unable to play take care of kids in the holidays. ruined christmas day for me i was in bed. i was so exhaused. in end my meds were taken off me and new one tried and the fall downstairs finally renderd me unfit and they kicked me off course.
    The course also tries to get you doing work placement on top of the hours in my case i had to do 16 hours and a day at placement on top. My brother in law is mansger for claims benefits and said they were not supposted to do that im only ment to do sixteen if i had gone on placement my benfits would get taken off me and i would never had got em back as i would have proved i fit.
    the collage were i had placement said no garentee get job there after.
    My consultant and nurses did not think i well enough to work and so pleased but sorry it did not work out for me if you get what i mean they were not surprised.
    The collage had no understanding of my condidtion or other diabuilities they were brilliant with bling vision in pared. The whole course had staff problems and one teacher had six wks holiday, one staff left was not replaced adding strain to others one went on compassionate leave and we were left with substitutes some were good and helped others were not were just babysittters one in paticular was a unhelful sarcastic patronizing bully but had been a previouse staff member and they did not belive us as she was complained about as she only behaved like this in front of certain people not others whop thought she was great. my experiance was bad yours might not be most people skived to keep benefits
    i did not. i failed anyway so proved i unfit. they tell me i can try again i wont bother as i feel work is no longer option for me ane it knocked my confidance and my family friends are hurt and thing are not same as before joanne :cry:

    ps i also on incapacity benefit low dla
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    I've just sent off for income and support allowence and i've read i might have to go to the same thing and am wondering what to expect if i do have to go?

    I don't want to cause a fuss it all seems like alot of forms and questions when all i'm trying to do is get a little extra money because i'd like to work almost double the hours i currently work (which isn't many) and i really am struggling which the hours i already work..

    Maybe they could help me find a job better suited to me? Although i love the job i'm in it causes me alot of pain and i struggle alot..

    I'm just a bit confused, do they do this to try and put people off from trying to claim benefits?
    I honestly wouldn't try to claim if it didn't say i was entitled to it...

    We'll see..
    and good luck:)
    Katherine xx