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I'm a great fan of this site as it was my first port of call when I was first diagnosed with RA 3 years ago. Since then i've always wanted to help others with the same condition. take a look at my new blog relating to me and my experiences with RA.

I'm 22 and have had to go through the illness and diagnosis whilst I was at university. So I hope you young men and women will find it of some use!



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    Hi Cheryl,

    Your posts are really interesting and it's great to hear about your experiences on the other side of graduation. I'm 21 and just going into my final year so it's great to hear how you're coping with 'grown up' life!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your beloved cat, i know how comforting it can be to have a warm furry friend around sometimes!

    As for the alcohol bit.... i am on methotrexate too and as i'm at uni do drink quite a bit, usually one or two glasses in the week and a night out most weekends when i have a bit more. My hang overs are enough punishment for me to know i cant keep it up for long but same as you my liver is healthy so far.

    Happy blogging x
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    Hi Clare, thank you for the reply and your kind words.

    I'm glad to hear you are into your third year. I'm jealous!-I'd love to do it all over again..without the RA bit obv :P You enjoy it while it lasts girl!

    Yeh, that's what's so difficult, they bring so much love into your life!

    Do keep reading, and i'll keep posting!

    Much love, Cheryl.
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    i just wanted to say its good to hear pple who were ok to carry on with uni. I had to leave my degree because of the pain n tiredness. Gd luck in your final year, im off to read the op's blog

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    hi Clare :)
    i've just finished my final year and was diagnosed with seronegative arthritis half way through it, in march. i managed to stick it out, somehow, and although it has been the worst year of my life in many ways it has also had some of the best things. i hope you have a great support network of friends around you like i did - people you realise who'll be there for you when you need, carry your books to and from the library for you or just let you rant/cry at them when you're having a bad day! good luck ... despite the ups and downs they are, as they say, the best days of your life! :)
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    PS great blog chez!
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    oooooh :)
    I've started reading your posts and think it's an amazing idea!
    I have a blog like this, though i set it to private so it's more of a diary/place to rant.. when i don't rant on here that is!
    Maybe i should put some of my posts on public on a blogspot for people to read and maybe relate to.. Mainly for younger people who are going through school/college life..

    Hmmm what do you all think?

    Good idea/bad idea?

    Katherine x
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    Still enjoying your blog. I clicked onto the herbal remidies u tube vidio and i have learnt how to inject enriel so if i ever go on it know what to do so learnt something new today. 8)
    I like to see peoples real life experiances you can learn from other people in same position. I dont feel so alone now like i used to. Thanks for sharing your blog with us it will help lots of people all the best joanne :)
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    Thanks for your encouraging words about my last year at uni, i'm really looking forward to getting back now!

    It's strange, i was thinking how much in common i seem to have with so many people on this forum - it's really great to know there's so many people out there to offer words of wisdom and support when neded.

    I am a little nervous about gong back to uni... my friends arent too great with my arthur as they dont really understand it. I'm really well most of the time and i guess it's hard to get your head around some of arthur's "subtleties" if you dont know him as intimately as we do.... Im hoping the needles in the fridge will act as a gentle reminder for them that he's there though....

    Katherine, id certainly be interested to read your blog. It's always great to hear how other people cope with their daily life and to hear about things not so arthur related too, he is afterall only a small part of who we are. x