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This is my first post on here although I have been lurking for a while! I've had juvenile arthritis in my knee since I was 11 and after a quiet phase I am having loads of problems again.
I have been to my doctor trying to get something sorted out and have been referred to a number of different consultants for blood tests and x-rays with no useful results (one GP had the cheek to say my knee was "normal"!!) It seems to me all I need is an MRI and maybe some keyhole surgery for a look around!
Has anyone else had similar problems with the NHS?? It is so frustrating!!
Sorry this is so long...I needed a rant to people who will understand!


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    Hi sugar!

    I am an oldie but I have had an mri on my knee and an arthroscopy and then a total knee replacement. Sounds like you could teach these consultants a thing or two. Makes perfect sense that you should have an mri etc. Most of the time, it is down to expense and that should not be so, should it? I would keep on, keeping on if you have the strength. That is what quite a few of us have to do, until we find a medic that actually listens and acts.

    We know our bodies more than anyone so are fully aware if we are in pain or not and to how much extent. We just have to get that across to THEM.

    Sometimes this forum is a little quiet - why not post on the LWA zone, more peeps look in at that one.

    Anyway, a big welcome to you. :D:D You will get lots of sympathy on here and we all try to help each other as much as we can. It is a good place to have a big time rant too, should you feel like it.

    Hope to see your name around the site.

    Elna xx
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    Hi Sugar,

    Do you know that sounds familiar as to what happened to me. My arthritis went into remission for a number of years then my knee started to play up and my hands too so off I went to the drs who referred me to rheumy nurse. Who had the cheek to say that there was nothing wrong with me! Luckily she has retired. I knew something was wrong and I saw the consultant who put me on dmards straight away. I think that your body is telling you thast something is wrong early but no real evidence yet?? Can you get some anti-inflams from gp at all?

    Stand up for yourself, you know your own body, they dont.

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    Thank-you so much for the replies. You're right, I need to keep on persisting with the health service. I have an appoinment with a new doc next week so I will tell him/her straight to MRI me and sort it out!!
    Have been taking ibuprofen but as for most people it doesn't seem to work after so many years of it! Got some gel stuff as well which seems to work for half an hour or so!
    Thanks again, it really is great to be able to talk to people who get it! x
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    Hi sugar

    Just to wish you all the best with your appointment next week. Let us know how you get on!! :roll: We really do have to keep on, keeping on, as if we haven't enough to put up with. :roll: :lol::lol:

    Anyway, in the meantime all the best but please post whenever as we are all here for each other and that in itself is a reassurance.

    Look after yourself, no one else will :lol::lol::lol::lol:

    Elna x
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    i'm having the same issue..
    although i've had the MRI and it came back 'normal' which is even more fustrating, because then you feel like maybe you're making a big fuss over nothing when you know in the back of your mind you aren't..

    Hmmm, i've phoned my consultant but after 3 weeks still waiting for a call back, i'm phoning again tomorow. My plan is to keep bugging him until he does something to help me, because no pain killers are working at all, and i went swimming with friends the other day and i almost drowned because the water moved my knee without me like paying alot of attention and it really really hurt :/ I have pain i can tolerate, but this one i can't, when it comes i pretty much can't think.. which doesn't help when you're in the wave pool swimming! So basically if i want to swim now i've discovered i have to use one leg only. It's stopping me from doing random little things that don't mean much but upset me at the time.. like going on a trampoline, or swimming, or messing around on a gym ball because i'm scared ill loose balence and bend my knee.

    Sorry, i'm ment to be making you feel better and all ive done is rant about me! I'm really sorry, i'm not sure what to say apart from i can empathise if you need anyone to talk to or rant to i'm here :)

    Katherine x