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My G.P. is fairly certain that I have PMR, my e.s.r. is 75 which seems to be very high. I have 2 different forms of arthur in top and bottom of my spine, 4 slipped discs in the base of my spine and at least 1 at the top. I also have type 2 diabetes, just starting byetta, and have high blood pressure as well, basically, I am a knock-kneed-knackered-old-nose-bag according to my son! If PMR is confirmed, I am very worried about steroid treatment and the effect on my diabetes and weight-gain, i am already very obese and more weight gain won't help any of my pre-existing conditions. I am already worried about my eyes because in the morning it feels a if my eyes are jiggling up and down like mad and I have like a migraine aura which lasts for up to 3 hours, particularly in my right eye. Can you tell me more about PMR what it is, what to expect and what questions to ask rheumatologist when I eventually see him?


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    Dear Crafter

    It sounds like you really are being put through the mill. Fingers crossed it is not PMR but if it is and you are also having problems with your eyes you certainly need treatment. Does your doctor know about the eye problem? Is it related to the diabetes or PMR? It may be a good idea to get that confirmed asap, so that you may be treated appropriately.

    Here is a link to a booklet on PMR:

    If they confirm it is PMR and you do have to go on steroid treatment which as you know can raise blood sugar levels, these are some questions that may be helpful to ask:
    * Ask the doctor how long the steroid therapy will be needed (which is a pretty good guide to how long the elevated blood sugars will persist).
    * Ask the doctor to contact your diabetes team, and advise the diabetes doctor of the medication, the dose, and the anticipated duration of therapy.
    * Ask if you will need to start checking your daily blood sugar tests more often throughout the day, and how frequently should you do so
    * Will taking steroids mean you need to increase the diabetes medications, if so how soon, how much etc
    * As you already have a problem with weight can they refer you to a dietician to help you whilst you are on the steroids and generally for the diabetes.
    I can imagine how worried you are, so if it would help to share some of those worries and talk it through with us please feel free to give us a call. The list of questions I have put above is not exhaustive of course as I’m sure you will have your own questions too. The few above are just to get you started and I hope you find them useful. For an information pack just email or Private message us with your full name, age and postal address, and a reminder of the information you would like.

    Best wishes