Occopational health appointment

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Got a letter this morning saying I have an appoinbtment at work with Occupational Health This friday at 11am.

It says on the letter to take any appointments, medication or any other information that relates to my condition.

Now I havn't got my physio appointment through yet. The doc just told me to buy Ibuprofene which at 3 packs for a pound is cheaper than a prescription and I have no written proof yet of my diagnosis.

Should I make an appointment tomorrow to try and see the doctor to see if he will give me a letter stating whats wrong with me. I need a new sicknote anyway for friday.

Also anyone have any idea what will happen at this appointment. I've never had one before. I've only been off work 4 wks, but have been off quite a few times the last few months but that was with depression and dizzy spells.

Thanks Carol xxx


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    Yes I would go and see your GP and have a chat...
    I was of work for a long time last year and my GP put ' painful knee,under investigation' on sick notes....
    Please dont worry as it can take a long time for a diagnois with some conditions..
    Cant really help with the meeting as I just have meetings with HR and they get a medical report done...
    Can you take someone with you for support?
    Let me know how you get on.
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    Occy health are there to help you get back to work, so they will prob ask you questions about why you are off, your condition, how it restricts you etc.

    They are able to recommend adjustments to your workplace to get you back to work as well.

    You dont need to ask the gp for a letter, they can ask for this and besides the gp will probably charge you. Say what you have posted on here, about your physio appt etc, they are not there to catch you out or anything.

    They will be supportive, so dont worry!

    Keep us posted onto how you get on and good luck for friday :D

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    Thanks Kay & Janie

    Haven't really got anyone I could take with me. I may actually have to take the kids with me if hubby can't get the time off work to watch them for me. (and that will be fun not,) They don't really give you much time to plan, 2 days notice do they.

    Carol xxx
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    hi it depends some r ok some r pushy make sure u let them know u r waiting 4 appointment to come through and it would be unwise to return to work until doc says it safe to do dont fall for the we will put u on light work usually only lasts till they get u back :(:(:( . some will just want to keep up with how u r doing and see how they can help out :D:D:D . just remember u do not have to make decisions there and then tell them u will ask doc opinion if u r not at all sure good luck
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    Saw Occupational health today. (had to take the kids but took their ds's to keep em occupied). She was lovely. Asked me lots of questions. She was very sympathetic and agreed with my doctor about not going back to work until I'd seen the Physio. Doc gave me 4 more weeks off. Should hopefully get an appointment through next week as doc said 2-3 wks and we are in the 3rd week now. I've to see her again in 4 wks time.