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I had a baby six months ago, during pregnancy as expected all symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis went away...was lovely!! But now it has came back with avengence (excuse spelling!!)...both of my wrists have fused themselves together and first thing in the day they are agony...

I am back on methotrexate which i know takes a few months to kick in and with my rheumatologist we are trying to get this back to the correct level, so I know it takes time, but Im just concerned I am now not going to be able to do my previous job..

My wrists wake me during the night and first thing in the morning are agony.... I struggle enough with my little boy (my partner brilliant but his at work so not here to help), but as I will be working shifts and starting at 6 in the morning alot of the time I just dont know what to do..

People always ask how I am and Im not one to play on pain, infact i hardly say anything....well to my family cos they understand but noone else seems to.............but everyone seems to think they have a bit of rheumatisim in them.................( b*******!!---sorry it annoys me so much!!)

I dont know if I should find another job or what to my job has some physical sides to it....

Think its enough to look after my baby and if I could afford to id be more than happy to look after him with a part time job but I just cant..

Im just so worried bout going back to work.....and I know they cant offer me an office job or anything cos they arent any...

where do I stand? what do I do??




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    Oh Anna
    You might not be fit for work just yet :(
    You may have to go sick for a while :(
    Do you woirk for a big company that could possibly redeploy you to another less physical job? Maybe fixed 'lete' shifts instead?
    This really does need thinking through doesn't it and i think the best place to start is your medical team probably. Do they think the meds will kick in soon? How soon? Is it worth taking sick-leave for w hile to give it a chance if it will be fairly soon?
    I knoe we are covered by the DDA so there is legislation to help, but I think it's quite complex.
    Are you getting all the benefits you should be (incase it help!)?
    Would a trip to CAB help at all?
    Someone else hopefully has more answers than me, but I must say congratulations on your baby and I hope you are enjoying him!
    Toni x
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    Hi Anna

    I don't really have anything else to add to Toni's advice but wanted to say congratulations too :-)

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    Hello, I'm sorry to hear about the problems and pain that you have. It does sound as if going to work at the moment would be far too much for you. Have you discussed this with your doctor? Their are organizations out there that help people with a disability. The CAB, which I think someone suggested, would be a good place to start.

    I am so sorry I wish I could think of something that would really help you. As for people asking how you are, maybe you should try really telling someone and see what reaction you get. I do know what you mean, everyone thinks they know all about arthirtis.
    Good luck, I couldn't have kids so I envy you the baby. I hope you get some sensible answers sorted out. Love Sue
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    hi Anna, congrats on the little'un, i bet he's a joy, got 4 of them myself, all boys, so well done girl.... right, now then, so your hubby works and you have a child, so as long as he doesn't earn over £68,000 i think it is, then you should qualify for child tax credit and working tax credit and as he works full time, which is usually over 30 hours a week you should get the 30 hour premium, which i think is £10 a week, no great shakes but it wil pay for something. it might mean that maybe you dont NEED to go back to work, financially? but if you do maybe part time,? like others have said you ARE covered by the DDA so use it to your advantage and insist at work that they let you go part time, and if they refuse then just say that under the DDA guide lines for disabled people they are contraveining the work place adjustments procedure which include reduction in hours, look on the ACAS website, theres loads of info on that, best of luck, i hope something in my rather long post has helped, i do tend to rattle on a bit !!, all the best, Sally x :D
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    just wanted to say congratulations on your baby boy enjoy they grow fast! listen to above replys good ideas for you there joanne
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    Hi there Congratulations. I had a baby last year and returning to work was difficult.

    You should inform your employer you have a disability if they do not already know, but you are under no obligation to tell them what this is. If they ask you can say "I will discuss this with the Occupational Health Assistants". If they push you for info advise them you require an assessment to your working space to see what reasonable adjustments can be made, this is your right under the DDA (Disability Dicsrimination Act).

    The OH will assess you to see what can be done to enable you to continue to work safely, this may mean changing to another role. If you work for a small company then I'd say get advice from ACAS or Citizens Advice.

    I have an assessment in place, although currently they are in breach of it and I have escalated this matter. But they don't have a leg to stand on and knowing your rights re the DDA helps you to be confident re work matters. Additionally your Employer must consider your new baby and see if they can alter your hours to suit you. They do not have to change them, but legally they must consider this.

    Also as mentioned by another poster. The drop in your Household Income may mean you are entitled to more tax credits. You should certainly be receiving the family and baby elements of this at least at the moment. If you receive DLA and work over 16 hours you also qualify for the disabled element of working tax credit, which is alot. Even if your income is high, this will taper down but your threshold will increase, meaning you can earn more than before but not have your credits reduced. This is my job, so if you need more help just send me a message.

    Hope that helps, take care

    Eck x
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    Hey i have only just remembered i wrote this post.

    Thanku all so much, my little boy 15 months now...totally brilliant...would love another but couldnt cope right now, not in normal situation but because of this!!! back to work ,reduced hours a little, wirsts have fused over last year but I manage like we do....

    work are monitering me and are being really good to me...