Methotrexate Injections

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8) Hi was just wondering if someone could give me a answer on whether it is normal for joint pain etc to be worse when using methotrexate injections (25mg) I was on the tablets for years but all of a sudden they started to make me feel really sick so I was changed to the injections, now I get so much pain even with c d painkillers and my other medication, wondering if it could just be a coincidence or whether it has been spoken about before.



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    Hi Rosie
    Yes, other people have spoken about getting an increase in symptoms after changing to injections. There must be a reason for this but I don't know it. Your rheumy nurse or pharmacist might have the answer.
    Best wishes
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    Have just read this post.

    About 24 hours after taking MTX, I do get extra soreness in the main areas of my arthritis. This happens every time with me so I put it down to the MTX doing it's job.