Hi, new RA sufferer here

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Diagnosed with RA March 09. On max methotrexate 25mg but little effect. Luckily not having side effects but wondering if not absorbing MTX. Due to try injections in 2 weeks if no improvement. Any similar experiences?


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    Hi Wildbee,

    Welcome to the forum :)

    I too was diagnosed in March '09. Saw my rheumy last week, he said he was 90% happy with how things are going - the missing 10% is what caused him to increase the MTX from 15mg to 20mg as from this week. Will see if that makes much difference!

    Someone will come along soon who knows about the injections, sorry I can't help with that.

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    Thanks for your reply. Nice to hear other peoples experiences and to know that there's lots of friendly advice out there. :)
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    Hello Wildbee.

    Sorry to read you have been diagnosed with R.A.
    I have had nearly a decade with R.A and now feel the best I have felt since my diagnoses thanks to a combination of medicines and advice.
    It is early days for you and I expect you are feeling lost.Any questions, absolutely everything gets on this forum as we are all in the same boat and its just a relief to be listened to.

    Take care Tkachev
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    hi and welcome, i was on 25mg mtx tablets but rheumy thought i wasn't getting the full effect so tried injections but sadly sickness was unbearable, so i'm now back on tablets but a lower dose, all due to side effects. my rheumy keeps saying my blood tests show things are better, just with i 'felt' the same! any way, enough if my moaning! i was diagnosed a year ago, still waiting for things to come under control but i'm alot better than i was before diagnoses so thats something.
    i'm a bit moany today, sorry! glad you found this very supportive and helpful forum, i'm sure you'll find it as helpful and fun as i do! take care,
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    Hi Wildbee
    Welcome to the forums from me too!
    I hope that they get your meds sorted out soon and that your symptoms get properly under control.
    Maybe the jabs will be what you need - it seems to be different for everyone.
    Hope to see you posting on the other forums soon.
    Take care
    Toni x
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    Hi wildbee

    Welcome to the forum. I am sorry to hear the meds are not taking effect. Hopefully the injections will be better.

    I look forward to seeing your name on the other zones. We are all in the same boat on here to a greater or lesser degree with arthritis and try to help each other as much as possible and are good at offering sympathy.

    Chin up,

    Elna x
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    Hi welcome to the site. Sorry the mtx isn't working. Hope they get it sorted soon.

    Take care

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    Thanks for all your welcomes. :) I'm a bit hit & miss on the net so forget to look at replies very often. :oops: Still it's nice to know you're all here :)
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    [hi im zoe i am 13 years old and i self inject methotrexate 0.6 g i have bin doin so since febuary this year i have done thm(without the distric nurse) miself for about 5 months i had a phobia of needles if u do, i sujest a v.good phyciatrist in leeds neer the thakray musem her nme is becky i have anethetic cream on im not gonna lie 2 u so u can hate mi guts but yes the injection stings a bit but its way better than the pills for mi the pills made me throw up a lot more but i am doin fine i can move a lot better so i suggest its a good way forward also on a last note my doctor is called dr. wyatt so works in leeds she is very good hope this hellps :P :D